Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Way Back When

There is a bar I know called the way back when
tonight I'm drinking with your ghost my friend
still-frame pulled out from a box of junk
has got me laying here all good and drunk

we were invincible way back then
nothing could stop us or break the skin
goddamn us both for letting life creep in
we were invincible way back when

those were days of laughter and so blue skies
the joy of life straight bursting from your eyes
you held me close and said that you believed in anything
but a freight train came down hard and tore us limb from limb

look at us smiling like we just don't care
driving round town in my Chevy in our underwear

and it isn't the you from now - I'm longing for,
it's the you I thought I knew back in '94 

ok i'm a little drunk here but i'll be alright
i'll just save the last part left with a little fight
and hope it grows into a raging bear
to tear loose from the cage that sprung up round him everywhere

so if you wake up on a stormy night
window open breeze blowing straight through your mind

and all those memories just creep back in
i'll see at the bar they call the way back when 

from - "Love Tigers"

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