Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Ballad of Crazy Eddie

Crazy Eddie sits on the steps of his
broken down apartment all day
Not that far from the park with the slide
where the children like to play
Nobody minds it though
everybody knows him in the city
Just drinks warm beer singing songs and talking to himself until his hair gets messy
50s haircut and a bowling shirt
Said cinematic is his favorite word
Saw elvis play guitar when he was 5 years old

And Eddie, what do you want to be today?
And Eddie, it’s all about what you believe anyway

He owns a guitar, sits on the front porch,
 and he makes up his own chords
He drives around town with a pompadore
in beat up purple ford
He dreams about the old days as a young man
 when he still felt alive
Days of freedom;
nights getting drunk on thunderbird wine
he Told me once that he was the king
He’s the king of something,
I just don’t know what he thinks it is
It’s hard to make sense of man
who doesn’t seem to recognize the world

Sometimes when he’s drunk enough to fall
He just stares at the picture hanging in the hall

Her name was Faye, she was a dime store clerk
who lived downtown in jersey
He told me once that he loved the way her dress looked falling on her body
He had that look a man gets when he’s
lost the thing that most men never find
Or maybe he’s just tired of living so I just thought.
“thank god for thunderbird wine”

-from - "Love Tigers"

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