Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Long, Long Race

This old world,
it’s been getting me down
Seem like every corner
has Got an old hell hound
And i look over my shoulder
All of the time
I hear them scraping in the shadows
With their red red eyes

You’ve got to hit it like a hammer
Driving a nail
Roll it over like a river
Going down
You’ve got to get up in the morning
Splash your face
Yeah, you’ve got to get going
It’s a long, long race

And I’m feeling so much older
like a withered page
Unsteady  like a wino
With a  red, red face
And I’m itching like a glow-worm on a fuzzy
i’ve Got all these places that I’m going
So excuse me

I wish the race could go forever
When you touch my face
And your hands are on my shoulders
It’s a different pace
And I think of when were older,
It’s a growing fear
Cause you reach that finish line
Your time is over here

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