Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back it Up

I gotta keep Moving
I woke up where I shouldn’t have been
I knew she was trouble
So hot, when I touched it, she burned my skin

Waist deep in the water;
Devil came around and he stole my gin
I used to be standing on dry land
Climbed up, baby, but I fell back in

And if all these wounds might keep me from walking
But the pain makes me feel young again
And when that little girl calls me sweetheart
Makes me wanna back it up, and start over again

Take me baby for nothing
Take me baby for what I’ve been
And if the river pulls me under
Send a letter to my next of kin

Whiskey keeps me happy
Makes me crazy, but it ain’t no sin
I’ve been trying to keep you smiling
But if it breaks down, you know I’ll trade it in

I was headed for trouble
But a man’s gonna be what he’s always been
You know I tried to hide from it
But trouble showed up and it moved back in

from - "Love Tigers"

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