Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Song for Liza Jane

When I walked in from the road
I was tired i suppose
and you were standing without your clothes
And so it goes, so it goes
Little Liza Jane

With a cold and icy stare
You were sitting on the stairs
In nothing but your underwear
you Had me going there, had me going there
Little Liza Jane

And there’s nothing sweeter than huckleberry pie
And fireworks on the 4th of July
Or Sundays, lying, staring at the sky
But my Little Liza Jane

Porch swing on a sticky July night
a Little bit drunk from drinking all that red wine
Liza came around and said, “I wanna take one big bite”
And I don’t mind, no, I don’t mind
Little Liza Jane

She put on an Otis Redding forty five
and Then she purred and said it made her feel alive
Then she came to me and she climbed on for a ride
and we danced all night, we danced all night
Little Liza Jane

When the fighting’s over and she acts so sweet
It makes all worth it when she gets so mean
And every time she gets drunk and wants to fight
I say, “that’s all right, if you stay the night....”

My Little Liza Jane

from - "Love Tigers"

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