Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Maybe a Wild Beast

rock a baby in the sky
sing you down a lullaby
never seen a baby smile like that
your mama’s drunk and daddy’s high
summers here i don’t know why
this is just the way the story goes

maybe you’ll find a wild beast you can ride into the sun
maybe it’s still a lonely trail
when the light of morning comes
maybe you’ll find a pony you can ride into your
dreams until it’s over...
maybe you’ll find your four leaf clover

cards are stacked, the deal is dealt
everything can fall to hell
ride it on the river; see how far you’ve come
ace hidden up your sleeve, pressed against your wrist
never seen a young thing cheat like that

Maybe you’ll find a five and dimer
maybe you’ll find that old cloud-niner
maybe you’ll find exactly what you need
maybe long and lonely rider
maybe he’ll be a little kinder
or maybe it doesn’t matter as long as you are free

pretty thing with salty eyes
in the marrow of her life
holding on and knuckled white and worn
Let it burn or live it free
but leave a little mystery
“who knows where this shit could lead,” she says

And maybe she'll put the throttle down
and break free from this filthy town
and maybe she'll ride it right into the sea
And maybe she'll find the gold mine finds her
maybe she'll feel a little finer
and maybe she'll ride it right back home to me

from - "Love Tigers"

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