Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Redwinged Blackbirds

First shot missed me, second one laid me down
now Im laying all akimbo thinking,
“What was that sound?”
Was it your velvet voice cying lonely in the night?
singing, “lover, please hold me
but don’t hold on too tight.”

Is is Love?
That makes me do the crazy things
I’ve never dreamed of
that makes me burn for the way you smile
and your sweet touch

first time you kissed me, you set my kinder all ablaze
and now i’m standing in your embers
and trying to catch a glimpse of your face
You were just a pretty girl,
bruised by love, but not messed up
So why are you standing in the rain
on my back porch?

Is it love that makes me so fuzzy,
like I took a bunch of different pills
psychadelic gumbo comes with
such a fine load of thrills
but this bad trip’s making me feel
like i’m being chased right down
a one way street by a big old dog with sharp white teeth

walked out past the waterfall,
back where it’s swampy mud
and listened to the Redwinged Blackbirds
making love...

from - "Love Tigers"

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