Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hanging On For the Ride

you are woman, and I am your man
you have soft lips, and I have torn hands

and you want things I don't understand

and the places we meet
all share an awkward silence as we
try to makes lambs lay with lions in the darkness

and she sigh or she weeps
and my anxiety creeps up inside
Just hanging on for the ride

I'm tired of this shit she said
via awkward silence
burned down city blocks babe
and the sky's still rife with ordinance
sex and wet kiss fired like rockets this time

last verse, whats worse, “i'm tired of the circus” 
metaphors are fine but, baby, I just want the chorus of
days when everything seemed fine 

You are the woman and I am your man
I still have a strong grip and you had your big plans

nothing left here but the grave-site tonight 

from - 'Love Tigers'

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