Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Exorcise the Devil Blues

Walked in this joint about seven to three
Pretty little thing looked right up at me
Place was just jumping sweat soaked folks getting loud
She walked on over like a panther on the prowl
I Never thought the devil’d get a hold on me

Saddled on the stool and she offered me a beer
I said, “hey babe, I ain’t chasing down no devil in here”
She looked me in the eye and she sort of bit her lip
She said, “I know you ain’t turning down this”
But I never thought the devil’d get a hold on me

The band was kicking it ill and playing loud
The way they think they kick it way down south
Dragged me out on the floor and she fell onto her knees
Crawled up my leg like a big oak tree
But I never thought the devil’d get a hold on me

Tight little body and them ripped up pants
Gave away her intentions in a sideways glance
Back at my place by the 3:45
She said, “well you’ll be lucky if you get out alive”
My kind of loving makes them run and hide

Well the devil is a woman with a perfect touch
Made love so slow, hell, I was burning up
My fever broke and I was out in the cold
I bargained one night for my very soul
a Hellhound in the distance and the night wind moaned

‘Bout three months later I was down and out
A drunken fool with a big old mouth
When some voodoo preacher man stepped up on me
And spoke of the viper that crawled up my tree
I told him that the devil was five foot three

So listen closely, son, you’d better stay clear
There’s probably even one or two in here
The perfect sin with midnight stare
You ain’t gonna find a bit of love in there
We’ren’t no crossroad where the devil found me

The devil is a woman, ‘bout five foot three

from - "Love Tigers"

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