Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Backslider's Dream

It was a dollar a dance
downtown tonight at Maria’s
And the beautiful Becky,
 she dances like a Mexican rose
And she dances in trances of
visions of things that she dreams of
I’ve never met a woman as crazy
or who felt more like home

I only had twenty dollars
so asked if she’d let me keep dancing
And pay her double tomorrow
just to dance for the rest of the night
She didn’t say a word
but she pulled me just a little bit closer
As if to say,
“it’s alright you know you ain’t gonna owe me a dime.”

And way I feel tonight you may be in trouble
Reckless endangers the heart but it eases the time
And when I whisper in her ear
she drives me crazy
She says boy you look straight in my eyes
And I say girl don’t ruin the surprise
The best part of loving is found in the subtle disguise

And we could dance to the sound
of the old phonograph on my front porch
Steady hand on her waist
so inspired by a bottle of wine
With the wrap around lights
tossing shadows out into the night sky
And at one she’d just kiss me
‘cause she’s finally feeling alive

The way she looked out in the dark
was a window into the cold things she had
And I saw it as clear
like it was painted right up on the wall
But I would stop it right there
just in case with the morning might come regret
I’d just kiss her till she fell asleep
on the couch in the hall

And she’d wake to the falltime breeze
blowing over her body
And the smell of the coffee
drifting from right down the hall
She a stumbling angel
and she’s reaching for some kind of end line
she was looking for a soft road
 to get her away from it all

from - "Love Tigers"

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