Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last Drop

Babe we’ve been together
On this track quite while now
Where it’s heading I really didn’t care
But every line has a last stop
And you’ve used me to the last drop
and I haven’t got a tear to spare

You’ve got my heart in your hands
And you know where I keep it
and now you know the reason why,
Why this old slow rolling drifter
And wanna be free and shifter
Has kissed your cheating heart goodbye

Well I saw you Tuesday morning
At Josie’s sit down diner
I saw you kiss him and you smiled
A man whose face I’d never seen
so the truth lies in between
The two lover’s with the lying eyes

Well I’ve never been a fool
And I never share my woman
Used to love you but the well’s run dry
You’ve taken till the last drop
And you know this is the last stop
So go on honey, kiss my ass goodbye

from - "Love Tigers"

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